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About Pastor Bruce Gowe

Pastor Bruce will be joining us in July 2017

Bio : I’ll IMG_0743.JPGbe 27 in March 2017 and was raised in the northeastern Pennsylvania area near Montrose and Hallstead. I was also born and raised in the United Methodist Church. I was raised by my loving grandparents all my life and they now currently as of March 2016, live with me. As a youth in my home Congregation I was always active in the church drama group, worship team, choir, youth group and annual conference. My home pastor, Donald Littleton was and is a mentor to me. In Seminary, I continue to be active as the chapel intern/deacon, as well as working with other student organizations. I love being in ministry to all persons and seek to share God’s love and friendship that God has shown me to all persons.

My Call

I have felt called to ministry since middle school. There have been times where I questioned that but, after God saved me from a car accident I knew I was placed here for a reason. That accident happened in 2009 on college break, and later that year I was moved to answer that call by the Eucharist at Conference, and affirmed in 2013 at an Episcopal retreat in Mountain Top to go to seminary and parish ministry. In 2013 while praying on the retreat I received a call from Rev. Charlie Salisbury (D.S. of York district) to accept an appointment in the Chambersburg area. There is more to the progression of my call experience and details I look forward to sharing with you all in the near future. I believe that God’s grace is constantly calling us and transforming us in new ways.


Ministry to me is about fulfilling and following Christ example. I believe in the balance of social gospel and evangelical gospel. I believe that both are needed for the fullness of the truth that transforms, heals, and brings wholeness. I have always been call to the margins in our society and I believe the Church has the unique opportunity to bring wholeness of mind, spirit and body by the power of the Holy Spirit. In my way of life and the reason I took vows in the Order of St. Luke(OSL) was because I see Christ as thee Sacrament unto this world and as we receive God’s grace we to are called to be sacraments unto the world. A world in which we are instruments of God’s Grace/means of God’s grace.

I do believe that God calls certain persons to be set aside for the priesthood, but I am also a firm believer in the priesthood of all believers through our baptism. Therefore, that ministry is a team effort and some maybe more qualified than I in certain areas and want to lift that up to the church as a gift from God.

I love preaching the word, creating enhancing worship experiences around the Holy Sacraments and the Word. I enjoy working with youth, being with families during wedding prep and funerals. I believe like John Wesley that the world is my parish. This has guided me to the fulfilling work of Ecumenical and Interfaith work. This work really started at my home church thru seminary and to my current

appointment. It has enhanced my theology, worship and ministry to the world and local parish by seeing what we can accomplish together.

Blessings, Pastor Bruce, OSL



Master of Divinity

Wesley Theological Seminary, Washington, D.C.

August 2013-Graduate May 2017


B.A Religious Studies

Marywood University, Scranton, PA

Graduated: August 2013



Worship/altar design, Administrative work, comfort care, conflict management, Ecumenical and Interfaith Ministry, Public Speaking, Team Work

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