Join us on Easter Morning

Join us for Easter Morning worship at 10:00AM, March 31st

On Easter morning, we’ll celebrate Christ’s resurrection. You’ll enter into a dark sanctuary, just as the women went to the tomb at sunrise. During our first hymn, the colors, decorations, and light will enter our sanctuary as we discovery together the joy of Christ’s resurrection. The morning will include special music and the celebration of Eucharist.

Rumbaugh Hall update

Rumbaugh Hall Project Update


If you have ever seen Rumbaugh Hall set up for a nice event like a wedding reception or funeral dinner, you know what a beautiful space it can be.  You’ve probably also noticed that the end nearest to the sanctuary is full of items that have no other place to be stored.  It’s disappointing that our beautiful space looks so cluttered.  At its best, it looks like this:


The Plan:

The plan is to create permanent storage space on this end of Rumbaugh Hall.  It will be enough room to hold all of the day care toys, all of the tables and chairs, and the janitorial supplies that were displaced when the handicapped accessible bathroom was added.  There will also be ample storage space upstairs that can be used for items that don’t need to be accessed frequently.  The new wall would look like this:


The floor plan of the new space:



The Rumbaugh Family established a trust fund that generates yearly interest checks that are only to be used for the maintenance of Rumbaugh Hall.  Currently, enough funds have accrued to cover the materials needed for this project.  The budget is $3,200-$3,500.  All of the labor and expertise will be donated by church members.

This means there are several ways you can contribute.  We will need many hands when this project begins, so if you have the ability and time to donate we can use your help.  We would also appreciate any financial contributions.  While this project can be completely funded through the Rumbaugh Hall Endowment, there are other future projects we’d like to pursue to make our fellowship hall more beautiful and inviting to our guests, including new walls, new wiring, and new flooring.  These projects will happen as we can fund them, but any donations to our current project will help to offset the materials costs.

If you’d like to know more about this project, or would like to volunteer labor or funds, please talk to Council member Del Coslett (570-991-7565).

Flood Relief Volunteers

A Volunteers in Mission team from Eastern Pennsylvania Conference, “The Carpenter’s Calling,” is staying with us this week and cooking meals in our kitchen.  Here’s a piece that WNEP aired featuring the flood relief work that they are doing in our community.  We are so blessed to be able to host them here!

Easter Morning

Come join us for worship at 10:00AM.  We’ll start with a darkened sanctuary, and then add color and light as we celebrate the resurrection of Christ.  You’ll hear an uplifting message about how God brings hope even to the darkest of situations.


Our sister congregation, Field of Grace, A United Methodist Faith Community – will worship at 1:00PM in our building.

Prayer Labyrinth


Our prayer labyrinth is open today, Good Friday, from 12-3PM and 6-9PM.  You can come to walk, pray, and meditate upon the journey Jesus made to the cross.  There will also be a special hour for families with children from 5PM – 6PM.

Holy Week Schedule – April 2012

Maundy Thursday
Seder Meal/Service 7:00PM

We will have a service / Seder meal remembering Jesus’ Last Supper with the Disciples.  The service will include singing, prayers, a tasting plate of Seder foods, communion, and will end with special music and the darkening of the sanctuary for Good Friday.

This will not be a full meal, but more of a tasting plate.  I would recommend that you eat before you come, and then plan to sample the traditional foods on the Seder plate.

Good Friday
Prayer Labyrinth
12-3PM or 6-9PM
Family Hour 5PM-6PM

Participants are invited to walk the labyrinth and remember Jesus’ walk to the cross.  A labyrinth is an intentionally winding path.  Unlike a maze – there is only one path to take.  It is intended to slow the walker down and allow them to have a prayerful, meditative experience.  There will be devotionals available describing Jesus’ walk through the last hours of his life.

The labyrinth walk is meant to be a quiet, contemplative time.  If you have elementary or younger children, you are invited to join us from 5PM-6PM for a hands-on introduction to the labyrinth where you don’t have to be quiet!

Easter Sunday

Our worship service will be at 10:00AM.  Join us as we celebrate Christ’s resurrection.

Our sister congregation, Field of Grace Community of Faith, will be re-launching their church in our fellowship hall at 1:00PM, and then will have worship there every Sunday afternoon.  Please continue praying for their success as they head for this important day

Ask This Young Pastor

Ask the Pastor your questionsHave you ever sat in church and thought, “The pastor never answers the questions that are really bothering me.”  Starting the second Sunday in the New Year, Pastor Nick will field a different theological question from the congregation each Sunday morning in the sermon.  Think up your best, most difficult, and most interesting questions about God, Jesus, the Bible, or theology.  You can send an email to to reach our pastor.