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The United Methodist Church Has Two Sacraments or Great Means of Grace
Means of Grace: John Wesley a founder of the Methodist Church described that there are 2 great means of grace Holy Communion and Holy Baptism. But there other means of grace- ways in which God imparts and empowers grace unto us. Which calls us to works of mercy and charity.

Holy Eucharist is Observed weekly and special services
John Wesley said we should observe the holy Table as often as we can.

The Holy Mystery  of  the Sacraments- a visible sign of an inward and an invisible grace

The Sacraments of Initiation


Holy Baptism– Is observed through infant and adult baptism. Through the elements of water, light and oil symbolizing that we die with Christ and raise anew in Christ sealed by the oil to represent the Holy Spirit. If yourself  or someone in your family is seeking to know more about the sacrament of Baptism please contact the office to speak with Pastor.

Holy Eucharist/ Communion-through the elements of bread and wine/grape juice

Origin of the term Eucharist
late Middle English: from Old French eucariste, based on ecclesiastical Greek eukharistia ‘thanksgiving,’ from Greek eukharistos ‘grateful,’ from eu ‘well’ + kharizesthai ‘offer graciously’ (from kharis ‘grace’).

The United Methodist Church observes an open table policy. Meaning that anyone and everyone may receive of this holy lord’s table. Regardless of any label society places on someone. The Eucharist through the mystery of the Holy Spirit, God shares a blessing of God’s son Jesus the Christ. As we recall and participate in Christ last supper each time. Each time Christ is present to us and is moving us forward to the fullness of God’s kingdom one day.

  intinction-199x300  The Eucharist is often shared by intinction -which means a piece of the bread will be shared with you and then you are invited to dip the bread into the shared chalice. or by trays of cups and bread.ARPKG3-2

A Blessing          arms_crossed

If you are not sure about receiving the Eucharist  feel free to cross your arms over your heart and come forward for the minister to share a blessing over you. If you have any questions please call the office to talk to the pastor.

Although the Methodist Church may only have two official sacraments, it has many other means of grace through works of Mercy (Acts of compassion, Acts of Justice)  and Works of piety (Acts of Worship, Acts of devotion). Some of these may include : Confirmation, Prayer, Scripture, confession, charity, advocating for the poor and so on.